APS & RC - Custom-made Seal

GENERAL SEAL'S family of APS and RC mechanical seals are extremely cost-effective products. They are manufactured specifically to meet customer's individual requirements. Each seal is tailor-made to fit a given equipment in replacement of parts supplied by OEMs. GENERAL SEAL guarantees that there will be no need for changing original equipment parts to accommodate this change nor any new installation procedures or dimensions need to be recorded. Invariably GENERAL SEAL's replacement seals have exceeded the performance of those originals which were repalced by them.



Application Data

Seal faces Carbon, Stellite, Plasma sprayed ceramic, Tungesten carbide, Silicon caribide
Elastomer Viton®, Neoperene, Kalrez®, EPDM, TEV
Size range 10mm to 165mm
Pressure 35 bar
Temperature 205°c
* For more rigorous application consult General Seal